Phylactère Model

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August-September : Montreal

October : India

November-December : Canada


January : Chile

February : Brazil

March - May : Canada

(Photography : Alain Dahan)


Experience as a model

I have been modelling as a freelancer since 2007 for photographers and artists (drawers, painters, sculptors, animators). Most of the time I am hired for one-by-one sessions with photographers, but I have also been posing for many photography workshops and art schools since I started modelling.

I am mostly specialized with movement - artistic nude and - expression. I am very versatile, can take directions or give propositions.

Other skills

### I coach photographers regularly as much as I collaborate on special projects. I can help with your camera settings, do the lighting, do location scouting and guide you through the creative process = If you are a beginner or simply shy to work by yourself with a model, do not hesitate to hire me I am here for that as well  
### I organize photography workshops throughout the year in Montreal mostly. I teach a 9h class on nude photography at University of Montreal, three times a year.
### I am also taking photos, you can find my photography work on Instagram under @MEER_REFLEXION
### I have a master degree in anthropology, which is also part of my daily job.

Other details 

*** I am a full-time model, which means that this is part of my income. This is my job, I am working with professionalism and passion but I do not work for free, even if "photography is just your hobby". I declare my incomes as a model, pay my taxes and can give you invoice if needed. 
*** When I travel I consider trading hosting for photography session.
*** I do TF collaboration but very limited. I will only consider very special projects that will add something I do not have in my portfolio. 


professional traveling model

I am french from France, based in Montreal [Canada]. I travel regularly to :

  • Canada : Toronto, Ottawa

  • France : Paris and other cities.

  • Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other cities.

  • Chile : Santiago and other places.

  • India : Mumbai and other cities.

  • Regarding the US, the immigration blocked me a few years back, so I can still travel there but cannot work there. So if you want to work together I invite you to come to Montreal where I have my studio.


  • Home town Montreal : 120$/h, 220/2h, 320$/3h, 420$/4h , 600$/full day

  • When traveling in Canada : 150$/h, 240$/2h, 350$/3h, 450$/4h (half day), 650$/6h (full day)

  • Europe : 80€/1h, 160€/2h, 300€/4h (half day), 400€ (full day)

  • Brazil & India (on demand)

Please note that if I have to travel to a specific place located more than 45mins away from my location, then the transportation and eventually time of travelling should also be covered. 

Each situation being different, those are guidelines that can be discussed and adjusted depending on your project.



+++ No sexual content
+++ I do not sign most contracts downloaded from the Internet. Send me your contract before we meet or ask for my own form. 
+++ If I know I will not fit with the kind of photography you are doing, even though you propose to pay my full rates, I will respectfully decline your offer.