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I devote a lot of time to this project and lead it with dedication and passion. I hope that everyone will find something here that resonates, being photographer, model or art lovers. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for supporting artists

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Je consacre beaucoup de temps à ce projet et le mène avec dévouement et passion. J'espère que tout le monde trouvera ici quelque chose qui résonne, qu'il soit photographe, modèle ou passionné d'art. Du fond du cœur, merci de soutenir les artistes. 




August, 5th


Meeting with Lior

Collaboration with Lior Allay [selfportraits]

- Diary

- Photo & concept inspiration

- How to do image selection?

- Audio discussion (1h)


August, 15th


Chili Selfportraits

- A 15mins video where I talk about my self-portraits
- Diary
- Notes about "breath"
- Cross-sight with Stef D.


BONUS - Open Page



Workshops & Cie

Photos taken by Stef D. during our full day workshop / Collaboration with Lior Allay

- Workshop versus private session

- Series Phylactère & Lior by Stef D.


september, 5th

Phylactère_Selfportraits_TrioJuly2018 (7 sur 22).jpg

The Archaic Triad

Collaboration with Dorrie Mack & Scarlett Qimby [selfportraits and photos by Stef D.]

- Photos of the "Archaic Triad" series

- Description of the day and how the shoot happened

- One drawing by Dorrie Mack

- Notes about posing in trio | building up a series

- Cross-sight with Stef D. (his photos of the session)


september, 15th


Meeting with Ciara

Collaboration with model_adventurer [selfportraits], dedicated to her

- video

- diary

- Notes about "feet position when you are modeling"


Bonus - Open page

Phylactère_Selfportraits_Roland august2018-.jpg

Your story!

Dedicated to those who have come under my camera lens these last two months to create portraits & self -portraits together.

You will also find some instagram posts and videos.


October, 5th


The world of emotions

Collaboration with Dorrie Mack [selfportraits]


October, 15th



collaboration with Kiro [photos by Stef D.]

- nots about the body and gesture

- notes on duo male/female models


Bonus - Open page


An old series...

Dedicated to my friend and Patron JP [selfportraits]


November, 5th



Selfportraits from Brazil, an intense journey, best photos out of 10 series shot in location, a full story... [selfportraits]


November, 5th



It is a long story, a story of collaborations with the legendary Fredau Wallace... a series of selfportraits never published [selfportraits]