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LGBTQ Residents Testify For 'Ohio Fairness Act' Banning Discrimination

Several people identifying as LGBTQ went before an Ohio Senate committee to tell their stories of discrimination. They want lawmakers to approve the “Ohio Fairness Act,” a bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes under the state’s anti-discrimination law.

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Busting The Myth Of Community Colleges, Two Years At A Time

The perception that community colleges are the place you end up when you can’t get in anywhere else – that’s finally changing.

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Abortion In Ohio

4 hours ago
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Abortion supporters gather outside the Ohio Statehouse on Tuesday to rally against the anti-abortion laws in the state.
SAM ABERLE / Ohio Public Radio

In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown examine the backlash against the strict abortion bans passing in Ohio and states across the county. Jo Ingles, statehouse reporter for Ohio Public Radio and Television, joins the show.

Ohio Medical Board Votes To Release Info From 1996 Strauss Investigation

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Ohio State University and the state board that regulates physicians are trying a new strategy in hopes of being able to make more information public from the board's old investigation involving a team doctor who sexually abused students for two decades.

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Jody Davis, testifies at the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of SB11. She shares stories of discrimination as a transgender woman.
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Andy Chow / Statehouse News Bureau
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Several people identifying as LGBTQ went before an Ohio Senate committee to tell their stories of discrimination. They want lawmakers to approve the “Ohio Fairness Act,” a bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes under the state’s anti-discrimination law. 

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Fired Ohio State Diving Coach Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery Against Underage Diver

8 hours ago
Ohio State swim cap in pool.
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A former Ohio State University diving coach pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of sexual battery involving an underage diver.

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Gov. Mike DeWine is urging state lawmakers to end the time limit on criminal charges for rape and sexual assault, which Democrats have been proposing for years. The leader of the Ohio House says there’s a chance that will happen.

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University of Mount Union
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A university in Ohio has ended its affiliation with the United Methodist Church over the denomination's renewed bans on LGBT clergy and same-sex marriage.

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NFL Draft Headed To Cleveland In 2021

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  Top college prospects are seen on the stage before the first round of the NFL football draft, in Nashville, Tenn. on Thursday, April 25, 2019.
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Cleveland will host the 2021 NFL Draft, the annual selection of the top players in college football, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell annouced Wednesday.

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Numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and the Ohio Highway Patrol show 430 more people died from gun related deaths in 2017 than in car accidents. Lawmakers have different ideas on what should be done to make Ohioans safer while insuring their constitutional rights to bear arms.

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The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station on Lake Erie is scheduled to shut down in 2020.
Ron Schwane / Associated Press
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The Ohio House has dramatically changed the comprehensive energy bill that would bail out the state’s nuclear power plants and repeal alternative energy mandates.

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Columbus Police say a teenager is responsible for a shooting that killed a boy and injured a girl near an East Side elementary school Wednesday evening.


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Snollygoster is WOSU's new politics podcast. Every week, we'll take an in-depth and seriously irreverent look at Ohio politics, plus talk to the people behind the news.
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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs show designed to over time touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio.
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