Fragments Identitaires is born from the meeting of two Montreal based artists, Stef D. and Phylactère, in 2014. After 3 years of creating in their Montreal, travelling to India, France and other Canadian cities, collaborating with other models and exploring various themes they came up with a limited edition book of their project (soon to be revealed!)

In 2017 they decided to turn their artistic project into a blog where they share their ungoing process of creation. Stéphane has been teaching 3D art in video games for 15 years, and Phylactère started giving artistic photography workshops in Montreal area and University of Montreal in 2015. the idea of sharing and community is very important for both of them and their spirit is "Sharing is growing".

In their blog, the project is to put together video tutorials (mostly by Stef D.), reflections on the road (mostly by Phylactère), profil of models and artists they collaborate with, and of course their photos. They also wish to promote and reinforce their artistic community, as they are proud of being Montrealers.